Belinda has over 20 years of strategic and tactical marketing management experience, head of client satisfaction/centricity assessment and solutions marketing teams. Belinda has facilitated the Basic Marketing Course for Dimension Data and currently facilitates for the University of Stellenbosch on the Executive Programme, as well as a Lecturer for a Honours Digital Marketing Course for the Institute of Marketing, a mentor for research Honours students and supervisor for Practicum students competing their Bachelor of Philosophy Honours in Marketing Management. Belinda is a highly experienced enabler of tertiary learning. Sharing her considerable knowledge of the principals of marketing and client services, she provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of marketing and its various elements. Belinda has a love for learning which is evident in her approach as a facilitator and lecturer.

Area of Expertise

Digital Marketing Strategies

Exploring the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing, including social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and paid advertising.

Consumer Behavior and Psychology

Delving into the psychological aspects of consumer decision-making and how businesses can use consumer insights to develop effective marketing strategies.

Marketing Analytics

Discuss how to use data and analytics tools to make data-driven marketing decisions, measure campaign effectiveness, and optimise marketing efforts.

Branding and Brand Management

Explore how to enhance brand development, brand identity, and the strategic management of brand equity.

Content Marketing

Examining the creation of and distribution of valuable, relevant content to attract and engage a target audience, building brand authority and loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Discussing the principles and strategies for managing and nurturing customer relationships, using CRM software and tools effectively.

International Marketing

Exploring the challenges and opportunities in marketing on a global scale, including market entry strategies, cultural considerations, and international market research.

Ethical and Sustainable Marketing

Discussing the importance of ethics and sustainability in marketing, including green marketing, corporate social responsibility, and ethical decision-making.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Explore how to develop comprehensive marketing plans, including target market analysis, competitive analysis, and marketing mix strategies.

Marketing Research Methods

Provide guidance on various research methods used in marketing, including surveys, focus groups, and data analysis.

Marketing Technology and Tools

Discuss the latest marketing technology, automation tools, and platforms to streamline marketing efforts.

Retail Marketing

Discuss strategies for marketing in the retail sector, including visual merchandising, store layout, and omnichannel marketing – my PHD theme 

Sales and Negotiation Skills

Discuss the essential sales and negotiation techniques to complement their marketing skills.

Marketing in the Era of AI and Automation

Exploring how artificial intelligence and automation are transforming the marketing landscape and how marketers can adapt.

Marketing for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship

Focusing on marketing strategies specifically tailored for start-ups, including bootstrapping, growth hacking, and lean marketing practices.

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

Examining how to handle and recover from marketing and PR crises, protecting a company’s reputation.

Experiential Marketing

Exploring the creation of memorable brand experiences and events that engage consumers on a deeper level.

Marketing Leadership and Management

Providing guidance on effective leadership and management in marketing roles, including team management and strategy execution.

Innovation in Marketing

Exploring how marketing plays a role in driving innovation within organisations, and how innovative marketing strategies can lead to a competitive edge.

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