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Whether you're seeking innovative marketing strategies, transformative coaching, or the wisdom of a seasoned cancer activist and warrior, Wagner Consulting is here to provide you with the necessary tools, guidance, and unwavering support to reach your full potential and achieve greatness. Join us on this remarkable journey, and let's ascend together.

Belinda Wagner

Marketing strategist | Facilitator and Lecturer | Life and Business Coach | Cancer Activist and Warrior | Connector | Entrepreneur


Life and business coach

Marketing Strategist

Consulting and advisory services


Marketing, customer services and communication


Founder of Living with Cancer

ABout me

Belinda has over 20 years of strategic and tactical marketing management experience, during her tenure at Dimension Data she held positions that included Head of Client Satisfaction/centricity assessment, Solutions Marketing teams and Business Strategy Manager. Belinda started her facilitation journey as the facilitator for a Basic Marketing Course for Dimension Data and currently facilitates for the University of Stellenbosch on the Executive Programme, as well as a Lecturer for a Honours Digital Marketing and Honours in Brand Management for the Institute of Marketing Management, a mentor for research Honours students and supervisor for Practicum students competing their Bachelor of Philosophy Honours in Marketing Management.

Belinda is a highly experienced enabler of tertiary learning. Sharing her considerable knowledge of the principals of marketing and client services, she provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of marketing and its various elements. Belinda has a love for learning which is evident in her approach as a facilitator and lecturer. Belinda’s reach within the world of business schools include; The University of Stellenbosch’s Business School, Wits Business School, SA Business School, DaVinci, Free State University, Graduate School of Marketing and Platform for Connected Leadership (UAE) and SkillsTown SA.

Belinda is also a freelance marketing consultant who works closely with her clients assisting, planning and driving marketing strategies. Passionate about people and growth, Belinda uses her skills as coach to assist her clients with their development on a individual and corporate bases. Belinda has continued to expand her reach to include partnerships with Future Fit Academy, Sterkla, Ennea International – Five Lens where she has gain knowledge to offer additional services that include assessments to support her coaching practice. As a director of the Learning Edge team, a recent venture Belinda continues to seek new opportunities not only to enhance her skills increase the offerings for her clients. Belinda is focused on driving, growing and development of individuals in the future world of work. Belinda is also a cancer warrior who has founded an NGO to raise awareness for other cancer warriors. Living with Cancer launched the first patient led cancer registry for South Africa.


With only a limited budget available, marketing a small business can be a challenging affair. According to Nicola Kleyn, Associate Professor in Marketing at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), the critical issue for small businesses is how to acquire and keep customers.


Belinda captures some of her experiences as a women embarking on the journey of a small business owner. Check out her blog...


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